The licence in business management is a 3- years undergraduate program that provides students with a broad knowledge of the organizational, financial, legal, and marketing aspects of a company and their interconnections, while at the same time, allowing them to specialize in one particular field (such as finance, management or marketing).

After two years of common-core program, students will choose a major in a particular aspect of the company among the followings:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance

As part of its partnership with IDRAC Business School,UIK's students pursuing a licence in Business Management will have the opportunity to finish their third and last year abroad and obtain a French diploma (Bachelor).

UIK students will have two options:


3 years at University Ibn Khaldoun
  • Licence in Business Management
  • 2ndoption

    2 years at University Ibn Khaldoun + 1 year at IDRAC Business School

    • French Degree (Bachelor in Business Administration)
    N.B. Admission at IDRAC Business School is conditional upon obtaining a score of 750 in the TOIEC or equivalent.

    Program’s advantages

    • Built on the premises of the Anglo-Saxon educational model, social sciences and humanities are at the core of our curriculum,thereby broadening the students minds and providing them with sharp critical thinking skills.
    • Since a good manager is someone who can effectively interact with customers and employees, the program places strong emphasis on oratory skills and communication. Active participation, oral presentations and teamwork are an integral part of the classroom and count towards the final grade of the course. As we strongly believe that teaching is not about listening to a teacher’s monologue, classrooms are structured in the form of seminars where students play an active part in the discussion.
    • As theoretical knowledge goes hand in hand with practice, the program’s pedagogical approach relies on a combination of case studies, business simulations, group projects, internships, workshops and conferences conducted by experts in their fields.
    • Fully in tune with the digital transition in the era of information, digital technology is at the core of our curriculum (digital marketing, big data, business intelligence …)
    • Above all, we hope that this program will allow the students growth on an academic, professional and personal level.

    Learning outcomes

    • Demonstrate an ability to apply general Management know-how in practical business situations.
    • Acquire the fundamental principles of management of organizations, thereby assimilating the way of leading an organization and directing it, planning its development, controlling it ... These principles are set out according to a vision and a global view of the organization which includes several aspects such as the strategic, managerial, marketing, financial and social aspects.
    • Understand the financial issues that may arise in the corporate and professional context via financial audit Funderstaand business valuation.
    • Understand the challenges of the digital world by pointing out the importance of social media and the web in a corporate environment.
    • Develop theoretical and practical knowledge in marketing, from the market analysis to the marketing of goods or services.
    • Develop effective skills in communication (oral and written) and demonstrate the ability to conduct methodological research and expose your findings.

    Major requirements

    • The competition of 180 units of course credits
    • A two-month internship during the summer (between S4 and S5) for students who have successfully completed the 2nd year of studies. This internship will be preceded by a practical activity during S4 (preparation for the internship) and a defense during S5. This defense will be sanctioned by a grade which will count towards the general average of S5 as indicated in the curriculum.
    • A senior thesis or a project (case study, survey, diagnostic market study,business plan, etc.) during Semester 6 on a theme chosen in the context of a seminar provided by a university teacher

    Career opportunities

    • Sales manager, business consultant, quality manager, operations manager planning and monitoring of corporations…
    • Careers in corporate financial management,commercial and investment banking, capital markets, and financial services…
    • Product manager, marketing consultant, content strategist, digital brand manager, market research analyst…

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